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Mission Statement

Tomorrow Starts Now

Our mission is rooting children in a strong foundation for a fruitful future - spiritually, physically, academically, and emotionally. 

  • Spiritually – Transformation Christian School provides St. Louis children with a strong, biblical foundation by planting the Word of God in their hearts at a young age.

  • Physically – To encourage physical activity and strengthen gross and fine motor skills, children at Transformation Christian School participate in physical education classes and in fun, enriching activities, and do a variety of arts and crafts projects.

  • Academically – Our qualified teachers are dedicated to ensuring your child is ready to overcome any educational challenges. In addition to our core curriculum, we also teach the Bible, technology, art, music and Spanish.

  • Emotionally – Children attending Transformation Christian School learn valuable life skills and social skills in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes Christian values.

Mission Statement: Our Mission
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