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Upper School Curriculum

Our academic program is formulated to make our students well rounded scholars. Our curriculum can be challenging but that is necessary for academic growth. Our educators provide support for our students that might be struggling with a particular subject matter. Our students participate in national testing every year as a guideline for our academic program. 

Math Exercises


Our mathematics curriculum emphasizes

problem solving, memorization, and critical thinking.  Coursework allows students to reason logically and understand mathematical ideas. It's also important to have the knowledge of basic math skills and principles.

Science Museum Space Exploration


Our science curriculum teaches students about the world around them and science concepts! The study of plants, animals, insects, energy, and health are a few things that are included in our curriculum. Through hands on projects and demonstrations, your child will gain a greater interest in science. Our school participates in the annual science fair.


At the beginning of the school day, we have daily prayer and bible lessons.  Our daily devotionals are comprised of bible stories and ways that students can use the Word of God in their everyday life.  The students study scripture and memorize bible verses.


Language Arts

Our Language Arts Curriculum are complete with lessons plans for reading, writing, phonics, cursive handwriting, spelling, and poetry.  Students develop skills for writing in complete sentences and eventually writing their own stories. Penmanship, punctuation, and writing concepts are taught and reading skills are enforced.

Student Writing
Code on Laptop Computer


At TCS, we are integrating more technology into our upper school curriculum.  We have a computer lab that is available for student use.  Our upper school students are given online mathematical assignments. During the 2020 stay-at-home mandate, students are participating in virtual classrooms with their teachers.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Foreign Language

All students at Transformation Christian School are taught Spanish.  Teachers instruct students to communicate effectively in Spanish by introducing vocabulary and grammatical structure. Our teachers encourage consistent classroom participation and make students aware of cultural differences around the world.


At TCS, students are introduced to reading music and music appreciation.

Sheet Music


TCS students participate in hands on, age appropriate art projects. Through painting, coloring, drawing, and cutting, your child will grow their artistic skills and creativity.

Washington Monument

Social Studies

Through our social studies curriculum, students learn geography, historic American figures, African American history, places of interests, and world history.  Your child will gain a greater interest in the world before them.


Physical Education

The purpose of Physical Education classes are to develop physical skills that will help students maintain fitness throughout their entire life.  Students participate in basic exercises during the school day. Students will learn the benefits of regular exercise and good health.

Upper School Curriculum: Activities
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